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Some naural remedies to eliminate dandruff hair

Dandruff Hair :

This guide aims to suggest some natural remedies and the hairdresser to eliminate dandruff hair. The first remedy, recommended by experts hairstylist, is for those who suffer from dandruff hair, which consists of a mixture of lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. The lemon helps to cleanse the skin by removing dead skin flakes, oil instead serves to hydrate the scalp, restoring the lipid balance. One of the issues associated with dandruff is severe itching; a way to combat the latter is the aloe vera gel applied 100% pure. Also in this case we will make a compress with aloe, which will be held on the skin as long as possible as there are no contraindications, but only beneficial effects arising from its application. Also for dandruff, the essential oil of tea tree is particularly suitable as it allows to balance the sebum and moisturize the skin thoroughly, risanandola. Gli essential oils should never be applied directly to the affected area to avoid getting the ' opposite effect to that desired. A remedy for oily dandruff is to prepare a lotion made from nettle. The juice of this plant has excellent astringent and tonic drinks, useful in reducing the oily dandruff and cleanse the hair of excess sebum, counteracting the excessive production. Always be massaged on the scalp, you can use apple cider vinegar or white wine to. Even the vinegar should not be applied pure but diluted in warm water and gently massaged on the head before washing. The vinegar fights dandruff not only thanks to the filter system, but has the important function to spray the capillaries under the skin, fighting the onset of the hated white scales.

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